ISIC/IYTC/ITIC 持卡人到店消费可享9折优惠

ISIC/IYTC/ITIC The cardholder can have 10% discount for consumption at the store


Address 1: No. 1255, Yuyuan Road, located at the intersection of Yuyuan Road and Anxi;
Address 2:LG2, No. 588, dongchangzhi Road;
“Pink pig” is a healthy catering brand integrating catering, creativity and experience. Pink pig comes from eating. It’s probably the most satisfying and happy group in the world, because we believe that “good food is good” is the most true and simple happiness in life. So we take root in the community, serve everyone, and devote ourselves to the creation and dissemination of healthy diet. Each meal is made by hand. It is carefully selected and made of natural and high-quality ingredients. It can provide all people with peace of mind, delicious and interesting food and inspiration.

如何获取优惠How to get the benefit


When the cashier settles, show the ISIC / IYTC/ ITIC plastic card or virtual card .