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 International Family Union(IFU)国际家长汇
 International Family Union(IFU) 多多罗学术辅导项目


IFU is founded by international students and serves the international student family. Our mission is to reduce the information gap between students and parents, support the growth and well-being of international students by hosting speakers, conducting academic tutoring, introducing useful resources, and organizing off-line meeting events. IFU is dedicated to creating a global network of international family and providing resources to help you become successful!



同时,International Family Union国际家长汇为每一位留学生提供公益课程及学前讲座,立志为留学生提供更加舒适的留学环境,成为留学家庭可依托的港湾,中外之间的信息桥梁。

IFU stands for International Family Union, a registered non-profit organization that aims to help international family.

IFU was founded in 2017 along with a series of distress incidents that involved the students overseas. These tragedies made us realize that parents of international students lack a necessary approach to contact when their children are in an emergency or potentially dangerous condition. IFU aims to advocate for the international family and ensure the security of students when an emergency happens, as well as host engaging events to ease the transition of studying abroad.




多多罗公益课程计划推荐并提供最好的申请老师、最负责、高绩点的学长学姐帮助即将、准留学生们成功迈入海外高校,稳步提升背景、GPA 成绩课程囊括大学写作,微积分,C++等初级课程,旨在解决大一新生初来乍到,普遍无法适应学校及语言环境并导致的前一二学期 GPA 过低,从而导致整体 GPA 低于学生实际水平的问题。




IFU Totoroad Program is under IFU’s Student Success Initiative, which leads international students to academic success and a bright future. IFU engages outstanding, responsible, and high-GPA mentors from top universities and assists students by customizing classes, hosting Q&As and study groups. Totoroad participants can bond with their mentors closely as well as connect with the huge international family network.

Studying abroad is challenging in terms of academics and social engagement. Totoroad covers preliminary courses like college-level writing, Calculus, C++, aims to help students better adapt to language environment and college life, thus improve the overall GPA and academic performance.

For incoming freshmen, Totoroad hosts college-preparation series; From learning academic knowledge to mimicking college lecturing environment, like discussions and office hours, Totoroad covers various aspects and will give you a jump-start ahead of your peers.

For current college students, Totoroad presents academic tutoring classes. Totoroad leaders will guide students acquire/apply knowledge and skills as well as foster an active learning community. Students within Totoroad program showed significant academic growth and GPA improvement. Join our Totoroad family!

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Follow WeChat public number 「多多罗学院」(ID:totoroad2019), reply “ISIC” for Application,an ISIC card  must be presented at the time of consultation.


Contact information:

WeChat ID: Totoroad   (IFU小助手学姐)